3rd January 2009

Frozen fells above Hartsop - Brock Crags, The Nab and Rest Dodd


Walk Overview
Time 09.10 to 13.15
Duration 4 hr 5 min
Distance 6.7 mile
Ascent 2590 ft
Walking with Andrew Leaney
Hartsop - Brock Crags - Satura Crag - Yewgroove Gill - The Nab - Rest Dodd - Hayeswater - Hayeswater Gill - Filter House - Hartsop
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Hartsop Village

Unspoilt, sums up the lovely village of Hartsop; apart from the car park that is. At least it is tucked away beyond a narrow gap between the buildings at the top of the village.

The car park is free and offers almost instant access to the surrounding fells. The number of different walks you can do from here are jut too many to list.


Route Map

Looking across to Pasture Bottom and Threshthwaite Mouth (the lowest point on the skyline).

From Hayeswater Gill we made for this path which runs diagonally up the southern side of Brock Crags. The route may be steep in places, but it does offer a convenient route up to Brock Crags from Hartsop.

High Street, Hayeswater, Gray Crag and Stony Cove Pike.

There was no need to bother about the boggy ground walking across to Brock Crags today. The whole place was frozen solid, and I suspect that even the ice on these shallow tarns would have supported our weight. We didn't put that theory to the test though!

A close up of Brothers Water.

Place Fell, Angletarn Pikes, Angle Tarn and Beda Fell.


Never having been in a hot air balloon, I have to assume that the people are exposed to the weather. In which case it must have been so cold at that height, just standing there.

A close up of one of the many groups of Deer we spotted today. Brilliantly camouflaged, there are four in this picture.

A curtain of ice at Yewgrove Gill.

Ever on the lookout for something different, we took a somewhat unconventional route to The Nab. Rather than the usual out and back from Rest Dodd, we descended the little ridge seen here on the right of the picture, crossed the area around Yewgrove Gill and eventually joined up with the main ridge path near the summit. I'm not sure how wet and boggy it would be if the ground wasn't frozen, but I may give it a try someday.


Rest Dodd seen from The Nab's summit.

Now for the steep ascent up to Rest Dodd.

The Nab with the frost clearly highlighting the route the path takes through the peat hags.


There was no problems skimming stones on here today.

Running through the shadow of Gray Crag, this section of Hayeswater Gill obviously gets no sunshine at this time of year; hence the amount of ice.

Looking back up the road to the filter house.

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