2nd November 2008

Robinson and Hindscarth


Walk Overview
Time 08.55 to 12.35
Duration 3 hr 40 min
Distance 6.7 mile
Ascent 2570 ft
Walking with Andrew Leaney
Newlands Church - Low High Snab - High Snab Bank - Robinson - Littledale Edge - Hindscarth - Scope End - Low Snab - Newlands Church
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Chapel Bridge, Newlands Church

The narrowest of country lanes lead you to this small car park set in the gorgeous Newlands Valley.

The car park is free, but it does fill up very quickly during the busier times of year.


Route Map

Looking back down the road we were following to Low High Snab Farm.

Low High Snab Farm.

A find view through Newlands Valley to the northern fells, taken from the short, but very steep path up to High Snab Bank. And what a gorgeous day!


High Snab Bank.
Despite the sunny conditions we were enjoying, the little bit of cloud you can see on Skiddaw barely moved at all during the whole time we were out.

Looking ahead to Robinson.

And the view back down the ridge.

Almost at the summit now and where on earth did the wind come from. It had been relatively calm up to now, it was OK once we left the summit, but up here the wind was howling.

Crummock Water and Loweswater. Some of the fells in the picture are: Great Borne, Blake Fell, Mellbreak, Rannerdale Knotts, Low Fell, Grasmoor.

Robinson simmit.

The view back up to Robinson.

It looks likes the guy who hammered the end post in failed to read the instruction leaflet.

The aptly named Little Dale. It's been years since I did it, but Little Dale is a lovely alternative route from Newlands Valley up to the ridge between Robinson and Hindscarth.

On the opposite side of the ridge from the previous picture you get this view of the High Stile ridge and Buttermere.

Hindscarth summit. The fells behind are, Grasmoor, Wandope, Crag Hill, Sail, Grisedale Pike, Scar Crags, Knott Rigg and Ard Crags.

This was one of those walks where you get home and realise you've taken a hundred pictures of the same view. And with a view of the northern fells like this, why not.

Scar Crags and Causey Pike.


"What do you mean I've got a worried expression on my face. If you were in my shoes with less then two months until Christmas you'd be worried too".

"Never mind looking at that bloke with a camera, help us find the entrance to the escape tunnel".

Muck-master - bringing fresh smells to the countryside everywhere.

Autumn colours on route to Newlands Church.

Newlands Church.

And again.

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