5th October 2008

High level and low level - Grisedale Pike to Scar Crags and Newlands Valley


Walk Overview
Time 08.15 to 14.45
Duration 6 hr 30 min
Distance 12.2 mile
Ascent 4400 ft
Walking with On my own
Whinlatter Pass - Kin - Sleet How - Grisedale Pike - Coledale Hause - Grasmoor - Wandope - Crag Hill - The Scar - Sail - Scar Crags - Hish Moss - Stoneycroft Gill path - Stair - Newlands Valley - Little Braithwaite - Braithwaite - Whinlatter Pass
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Whinlatter Pass, above Braithwaite

This isn't a very big car park, but it is perhaps the most obvious starting point for a walk up the north east ridge onto Grisedale Pike, so consequently it fills up early in the day. When this happens people simply start to park along the roadside below the car park. The alternative would be to park in Braithwaite itself.


Route Map

When I left home this morning I had something totally different in mind from the walk I ended up doing. It was in fact Kentmere that I was heading for. The down side to this would have been following and no doubt catching up with the weather front which can be seen on the right of this picture. I was just so nice in the western side of the lakes that I had to question whether I wanted to risk driving out of this and into something else.
As it turned out the front did move away, albeit a little slowly, but I still had a fantastic day with no regrets at all.

Heading up the long ridge to Grisedale Pike.


Sail, Crag Hill and Eel Crag seen from the Sleet How section of the Grisedale Pike ridge.

Nearing the summit, but the steeper section of the ridge still lay ahead.

A view of Hopegill Head, Whiteside, Ladyside Pike and not a cloud in the sky as I leave Grisedale Pike summit.

From Grisedale Pike I headed for Coledale Hause where I could then pick up the nice little ridge up to Grasmoor. It may not feel like it while you're actually here, but looking at this picture makes you realise that the route between Grisedale Pike and Grasmoor can almost be done in a straight line.

Hardly surprising after all the rain we had yesterday, but there was just so much water about.

Standing at Coledale Hause and looking back up the way I'd came.

And now looking in the same direction from higher up on the ridge to Grasmoor. (as I said, almost a straight line)

Crummock water seen from Grasmoor.

A short walk past the summit and you get a fantastic view down to Loweswater, Lorton Vale and the Cumbrian coastal plane.

Looking back to Grasmoor from the walk up to Wandope.

Crag Hill (Eel Crag) summit with the northern fells behind, and Grisedale Pike.

The Scar; an enjoyable, but rather short section of ridge linking Crag Hill and Sail. Seen here looking back up to Crag Hill.

Sail summit cairn.

Where to go next, I was beginning to think. It was far too nice to head back to the car and after spending the day up on the fells, I thought it would be a nice afternoon for a lower level walk through some countryside. So, from here I headed up onto Scar Crags (to avoid the shade on the route to High Moss), just past the summit I headed off path down to High Moss and then made my way into Newlands Valley.

Scar Crags summit.

A nice 'jumble' of fells here, from Eel Crag on the left to White Side and Hopegill Head in the middle and Grisedale Pike on the right hand side of the picture.

Outerside and Stile End, seen here in front of the northern fells. Taken from my route from Scar Crags to High Moss.

It was getting warmer and warmer as I lost height and it really was a total pleasure to be out and about today. I could have quite easily included Causey Pike, Outerside and Barrow in this walk, but leaving the fells behind and heading down to Newlands Valley was definitely the right decision.

A little further on from the previous picture.



Newlands Beck was so full today. Not as full as it was yesterday I should add. Judging by the debris on the path, I wouldn't have been able to walk this route yesterday. Not without being up to my knees in water anyway.

I always enjoy this section of riverside path, as I'm sure many other people do as well. Given how perfect the conditions were, I was surprised that I had the whole place to myself. From Stair to Little Braithwaite I never say another person.

This is nice. I haven't walked through here many times in the past, but I certainly don't remember it being this good; unless my memory is playing tricks again. For obvious reasons I've never actually stayed anywhere in the Lake District before, but this looks like a gorgeous place to come on holiday. It almost makes me wish I didn't just live up the road, , , , on the other hand !!!!!

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