30th August 2008

Miterdale, Burnmoor Tarn and Eskdale


Walk Overview
Time 09.30 to 15.40
Duration 6 hr 10 min
Distance 9.8 mile
Ascent 1500 ft
Walking with On my own
Eskdale Green - Low Holme - Low Place - Miterdale - Burnmoor Tarn - Eskdale Moor - Brat's Moss - Boot - St Catherine's Church - Eskdale (valley) - Forge Bridge - Eskdale Green
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces next to Giggle Alley, Eskdale Green

This is a great little car park. Right in the centre of Eskdale Green with a shop down the road and toilets next to the car park. It is a great starting point for a whole host of walks in this area, it's free and more often than not there are empty spaces available.


Route Map

Giggle Alley.

Low Holme.

A new arrival in Miterdale.
This isn't the best picture I'd like to have taken, but I didn't want to get any closer incase the cow got distressed.

Looking back to Low Place farm.

Bakerstead (outdoor pursuits centre).

A little further along from Bakerstead you cross this lovely little packhorse bridge. Sadly the bridge has had some repairs / maintenance work done to it, but instead of retaining its original features, concrete has been laid across the top of the bridge (the bit you walk on). Thankfully very few people walk this route and the bridge has a good covering of crass and moss.


We're now nearing the Burnmoor Tarn end of Miterdale where the valley narrows to about half a dozen steps wide at one point. This is a fantastic, quiet place and despite having been here well in excess of a dozen times, I've yet to meet another person here.


At the head of Miterdale the valley unexpectedly widens again, forming what looks like crater in the side of the fell. This is the point at which we left the valley and headed up to the boggy area around Burnmoor Tarn.

A view back into Miterdale, taken from the higher ground above the head of the valley.

Now we needed to get across to the tarn; preferably with dry feet.

Burnmoor Tarn seen here behind Burnmoor Lodge.
We were talking to the guys on the roof for a while and they told us they couldn't stop the damp getting into the building, so they were having to remove the chimney and roof it over.

The guy in the bright blue shirt is the current owner of Burnmoor Lodge. He said he comes here a few times a year to walk, swim and to enjoy the seclusion. The downside is having to maintain the building.

The wonderfully bleak Eskdale Moor.
Not quite everyone's cup of tea I know, but for me this is fantastic.

The world in miniature.

Looking back across the moor, with Scafell under cloud, Slight Side on the right of the picture and the pointed top of Great Gable visible in the centre of the photo.

Lunch with a view to a hazy Harter Fell.

Apart from the men working at Burnmoor Lodge we hadn't seen anyone else since setting out today. That soon changed when we reached Boot however, and although there's no one in this photo, the place was packed.


St Catherine's Church Eskdale.

The stepping stones next to the church were just a bit too far under water today, so rather than risk an unwanted paddle, we took the slightly longer route along this lovely old lane. Presumably an old route through the valley used to reach the church.

Dalegarth Hall.

Given the amount of cloud the country has had this month I suppose we should be grateful for the twenty seconds of sunshine we had today.

David Hall -
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