20th August 2008

Newlands Valley in the sunshine


Walk Overview
Time 16.10 to 19.05
Duration 2 hr 5 min
Distance 7.5 mile
Ascent 500 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Portinscale - Ullock - Newlands Beck - Stair - Little Town - Skelgill - Woodland path to Nichol End - Portinscale
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking near Portinscale suspension bridge

This is somewhere I tend to start walking from qutie a lot. It's nice and handy for Keswick, Borrowdale, Newlands Valley, Skiddaw, Latrigg and even the Castlerigg Stone Circle area.

The parking is free and no matter at what time of year or time of day I've always managed to get a space here.

From here you're only about 10 minutes walk from Keswick with everything the town has to offer, and in the opposite direction you're less than 5 minutes walk from Portinscale.


Route Map

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say; what a difference a bit of sunshine makes and how it effortlessly transforms the whole place into the Lakeland we all crave for.
After another grey and dismal morning it had gradually turned into a lovely afternoon, so with a feeling of desperation and a longing for a walk in the sunshine, we decided to have a lower level walk through our favourite valley; Newlands. At the start of the walk we crossed the suspension bridge where I always tend to slip back into childhood by take exaggerated heavy steps. The sole aim of this is to make the bridge bounce about and clatter against itself. I have to admit here, that just like all the other children, I've even managed to convince myself that no one else notices it's me causing all the movement and noise.

The river Derwent seen from the suspension bridge.

Skiddaw and Skiddaw Little Man taken from the footpath between Portinscale and Ullock.

Walking alongside Newlands Beck was an absolute pleasure; blue sky, sunshine and no other sound than the water in the beck.


I know there was a fair amount of road to walk along on this outing, which understandably isn't everyone's idea of fun. However, if you can set out with the intention of simply enjoying a walk through some lovely countryside, rather than feeling as though you've missed an opportunity to get onto the fells, I'm sure most people could get as much satisfaction from these lower level routes as we do. As I've often said to people; the Lake District really does have more to offer walkers then the fells themselves.





Well, this doesn't look like the sturdiest piece of workmanship I've ever seem. Then again, perhaps the livestock are a little gentler in Newlands Valley than in other places.

Little Town is a lovely place. Although I have to say 'Town' is stretching reality somewhat.

Looking down the length of Newlands Valley to the Skiddaw Fells.


"Of course I saw the bridge. I just wanted to wash by boots".

We were on the return leg of the walk now and heading along the path along the bottom of Cat Bells.

And now looking back along the same track.


A colourful scene at Nichol End marina.


And a final picture back where we started at the suspension bridge just outside Portinscale.

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