16th August 2008

So much for the bad forecast - Grasmere to Easedale Tarn


Walk Overview
Time 07.00 to 12.00
Duration 5 hr
Distance 6 mile
Ascent 1000 ft
Walking with Jamie Lockie
Grasmere - Easedale Road - Easedale - Sourmilk Gill - Easedale Tarn - Far Easedale - Easedale Road - Grasmere
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces opposite Grasmere Church

This is one for the early bird or for the very lucky I'm afraid. Opposite the church there about half a dozen parking spaces all of which fill up very quickly, and as fast as one becomes empty during the day someone else is ready to take advantage.

On the plus side, the homesty box belonging to the church asks far less for a days parking than the national trust or the council.


Route Map

We had an early start today to beat the terrible weather that was forecasted to move across the Lakes by mid morning. Needless to say the forecast was totally wrong and it turned out to be a dry day. At least the early start allowed me to get this picture without having to jostle with the crowds.

There are lots of Easedale's on this walk. This picture was taken as we left Easedale Road, crossed Easedale Beck and started to walk through Easedale itself.

New Bridge found in the lovely little valley of Easedale.

And again, this time with Helm Crag behind.

Looking ahead to Sourmilk Gill Waterfalls. The path we took can be seen to the top left of the waterfall.

These three must be used to seeing people walk past here. They showed no sign of alarm at all as we passed by.

Sourmilk Gill Waterfall.

Looking along the final section of path before Easedale Tarn.

And now looking back down the path.

At one time there was a small stone hut at this spot where one of the innkeepers from Grasmere sold refreshments and even hired out a boat on the tarn. Apparently 'ladies and gentlemen' of sufficient means were carried here on the backs of ponies.

Well, due to our place at the bottom of the social ladder we weren't able to hire any ponies, so we were forced to walk here today.

Looking for dryish spot to cross over to the opposite side of the tarn.


A close up of Belles Knott.

Nature in miniature.

Having completed a circuit of the tarn we were now back at the outflow and ready to head down to Far Easedale.

Thank God for stepping stones !!

This wasn't expected at all, but there were some spells of warm sunshine as we walked from Far Easedale back to Grasmere. In view of that you won't mind if I spend a couple of minutes standing on my soap box.

I can understand if the weather forecasters get it a bit wrong, after all, predicting the weather isn't as exact as working out the time of the next high tide or when the next full moon will be, but to repeatedly get it this wrong is crap to be honest. They were quite specific on last nights TV forecast when they said that the whole of the north west would get torrential rain by mid morning. One of the online forecasts said "Widespread hill fog with showers or longer spells of rain. Some heavier bursts are likely, perhaps with thunder." Both are the exact opposite of what we ended up with.

Moan, moan, moan. "yes I know, but when when you have a hobby which is dictated to a certain extent by the weather, you really would be grateful if it were a bit more accurate".

The view back into Far Easedale.

Sourmilk Gill Waterfall nicely lit up by the sunshine.

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