28th June 2008

Snipeshow Tarn to Tewet Tarn


Walk Overview
Time 07.00 to 10.35
Duration 3 hr 35 min
Distance 7.5 mile
Ascent 1570 ft
Walking with On my own
Castlerigg Stone Circle - A591 - Snipeshow Tarn - High Rigg - St John's in the Vale Church - Tewet Tarn - Naddle Bridge - Castlerigg Stone Circle
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Castlerigg Stone Circle

If you arrive here in the middle of the day at the height of summer, you'll probably find the place full, but if you're prepared to wait, it won't be long until one of the visitors at Castlerigg Stone Circle jumps in their car and drives off. Unless you're using this place as a starting poit for a walk, most people only seem to stay here for ten or fifteen minutes at the most.

Surprisingly because it's next to such a popular tourist attraction parking is free.


Route Map

Clough head and the Dodds, seen from the stile between Castlerigg Stone Circle and Castle Lane.

Standing at the end of the lonning at Low Nest Farm and looking down the valley to Dale Bottom.

Walking through soaking wet bracken on the way to Snipeshow Tarn. Eventually I got to the point when I thought "what's the use in trying to zigzag about to keep dry" I was already soaked from the waist down so why worry about it.

Snipeshow Tarn.
I didn't have too much time for a walk today so I tried to make the best of it by having an early start. And on the drive through I decided to change the walk so as to include Snipeshow Tarn. I've only been here a couple of times before, but for years now, every time I've walked in this area I've promised myself that "next time I must include the tarn again", but never seemed to do it. Anyway: Here it is and for anyone 'into' tarns well worth the short detour.


A couple of minutes from the tarn and looking across to Shaw Bank and High Rigg.

I'll bet I couldn't kneel down here in a couple of hours time !

From the route between the A591 and the path up High Rigg you get a fine view back along the valley to the Skiddaw fells. Unfortunately the low cloud kept the higher fells out of site today.

Looking back down the narrow path I took onto High Rigg.

"You haven't seen my jacket anywhere have you"?
"What colour is it"?
"White with a red bit at the, , , , what do you mean what colour is it". "I knew it was waste of time asking a human for help, and you call us dumb animals".

High Rigg summit.

And looking in the opposite direction to St John's in the Vale.
The little pointed bit on the left skyline is Calfhow Pike.

Leaving High Rigg summit now and dropping down to St John's in the Vale church.
The light coloured line running up the fellside ahead of me is the path I followed from the church to Tewet Tarn; which can also be seen in the picture (towards the right hand side).

Tewet Tarn.

Sunshine dashing across the fields near Goosewell Farm.

Looking down St John's in the Vale (that's the name of the valley, if you didn't know) from the road above Shundraw.
Anyone who knows this area might be asking how I ended up here when I should be heading back to Castlerigg Stone Circle. Well it's a bit of a long story, but the shortened version goes something like this:-
The cows in the field near Tewet Tarn took a dislike to me. As I walked into the field, the ones that were sitting down stood up, (that's not to bad). They all looked round at me, (that's not too bad). They all started to walk towards me, (that's not too good, but still OK). Most of them started running towards me, (that's definitely not good).
I know the accepted thing is to stand your ground and the cows will leave you alone, but I wasn't going to put that theory to the test today. So I made a hasty retreat, climbed over a gate into another field and found a (muddy) route down to the road.

A contrast in colours from the brightly lit road and fields to the dark clouds in the distance.

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