23rd May 2008

Crag Fell and Grike


Walk Overview
Time 14.00 to 17.20
Duration 3 hr 20 min
Distance 5.3 mile
Ascent 1130 ft
Walking with Jamie Lockie
Cold Fell Road - Blakeley Moss (above) - Crag Fell - Grike - Blakeley Moss (above) - Cold Fell Road
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Cold Fell (Blakeley Moss)

Stretching six miles between Calder Bridge and Ennerdale Bridge, Cold Fell acts as a convenient shortcut across the western most section of the Lake District. There are lots of possible parking places across the Ennerdale half of the route; each one offering its own access onto the fantastically remote fells across this edge of the Lakes.


Route Map

In view of the long walk I have planned for tomorrow, I really didn't want to go too far today. So I had a walk up two of the more local fells, which I never tire of visiting; Crag Fell and Grike.

From the track next to the forest Crag Fell comes into view.

On the side of the fell between Crag Fell and Grike is this communications mast, which, when viewed from a distance seems to blend in well enough with the surroundings. However, when you stand next to it as I was here, you actually realise what a blot on the landscape it really is. Obviously it was placed in this spot for a reason, but I can't believe the reasons for it not being here didn't take precedence.

Almost exactly mid way between the two fells is a small grassy area which is normally very wet and a bit boggy. Usually it's only the brave, the stupid or the perhaps lucky who manage to walk across it in a straight line. Fortunately for us; with the lack of rain we've had recently the whole place was almost bone dry today.
Undoubtedly this would be a good time to visit those places in the Lake District that you'd normally avoid because of the boggy terrain. The one that immediately spring to mind would be the stretch between Bleaberry Fell and High Tove.

Crag Fell summit and a somewhat hazy view of Ennerdale Water, Great Borne, Starling Dodd and Red Pike.

And a view further through the valley.

After a dull and hazy start to the walk, things seemed to be improving as we neared the final section of the route. Standing next to Grike summit, it was warming up, the sun was out, and the views were clearing nicely. Perhaps we set off a little too soon!

Also taken from Grike is this picture looking across the Ennerdale fells to Pillar in the distance.


Looking back along the forest track.

Tree stumps line much of the track; slowly but surely rotting back into the ground, probably not during my lifetime though.

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