12th May 2008

An evening walk above Eskdale


Walk Overview
Time 16.45 to 18.35
Duration 1 hr 50 min
Distance 3.8 mile
Ascent 920 ft
Walking with On my own
Birker Fell Road - Garner Bank - Brantrake Crags - Black Beck - Water Crag - Devoke Water - Birker Fell Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, near Devoke Water (Birker Fell road)

Being one of the least frequented area of the Lake District means that the limited parking around here is generally adequate anyway. The obvious place to park to reach Devoke Water is at the crossroads at the Birker Fell Road for High Ground or Devoke Water. Although, there are a actually couple of other places close by with space for a couple of cars each.

Needless to say parking is free.


Route Map

As it was such a gorgeous evening and the fells were looking far too tempting to miss, I decided to have a walk around some of the lesser visited fells above Eskdale. This is a great and dare I say undervalued area of the Lake District; well within sight of some of the most popular fells, but more often than not you have the place to yourself, as I did today.

A fine view across to the fells around Eskdale and Wasdale. To name some of the well known ones - Whin Rigg, Illgill Head, Kirk Fell, Great Gable, Scafell, Slight Side, Esk Pike and Bow Fell.

And again, seen from Garner Bank. The road in the picture is the Eskdale side of the Birker Fell road.

Harter Fell and Green Crag.

Looking across to Rough Crag.


Eskdale Valley.

Rough Crag and Water Crag, seen from about half way between Garner Bank and Brantrake Crags.

Crossing Black Beck.

Heading through a carpet of new Bracken to reach Water Crag. The scratches on my legs prove that walking across here while wearing shorts wasn't the best of ideas.

Water Crag summit.

And just below the summit, looking across to Rough Crag. Instead of walking across to Rough Crag I headed down to the shore of Devoke Water.

Seat How.

The old boat house at Washfold Point.

Down at the waters edge now and looking across to Harter Fell and Green Crag in the distance, and Seat How on the other side of the water.

A closer picture of Seat How.

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