3rd May 2008

Ambleside, Wansfell Pike and Troutbeck


Walk Overview
Time 09.10 to 14.00
Duration 4 hr 50 min
Distance 6.8 mile
Ascent 2000 ft
Walking with On my own
Ambleside - Wansfell Pike - Nanny Lane - Troutbeck - Robin Lane - High Skelghyll - Ambleside
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Ambleside

Ambleside offers quite a few different car parks, all of which are very close to the main town centre. I should offer a word of caution though; don't forget to bring plenty of money to buy a parking ticket.


Route Map

A close up of the houses / farms found near the bottom of Kirkstone Pass.

Snarker Pike and Red Screes.

Looking back down to Ambleside.

From Wansfell Pike summit you can see the true length of Windermere.

And from the same place showing Scandale Head, Red Screes and the Kirkstone Pass side of Caudale Moor.

A final picture from Wansfell Pike this time looking across the northern end of the fell towards the Ill Bell ridge (Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick and Thornthwaite Crag).


After leaving Wansfell Pike an easy to follow path leads down to the much more substantial lonning known as Nanny Lane. This photo was taken from the point at which the two paths meet; the view is looking up (not the way we walked today) to the Baystones end of the Wansfell ridge.

Further down Nanny Land, and again looking back up the track.

Approaching the end of Nanny Lane, and looking over the wall, you begin to see some of the buildings found in the beautiful sprawling village of Troutbeck.

And in the village itself.

A generally unspoken, but more often than not underlying aim when walking in the Lake District is to avoid walking along roads. The two obvious reasons being traffic, and sore feet. Yet, if ever there was a road in the Lake District that every visitor should make a point of treading, then this is it. The traffic is usually minimal, and the enjoyment gained from a stroll through this lovely spot will significantly outlast the discomfort of sore feet.


Heading along Robin Lane which links Troutbeck and Ambleside. Centuries ago, this was part of the drove route used to transport thousands of cattle and sheep from the towns and villages on the west coast, across the fells, and eventually joining up with the main drove road in the east of the county.


Looking over Windermere to the Coniston fells.
There is actually a small aircraft in the picture, which was circling around this end of the lake.

There it is.

A close up of Blelham Tarn and Wray Castle.

High Skelghyll farm.

By the time we reached Skelghyll Woods it had turned into a lovely spring day.


Boats on Windermere.

David Hall -
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