2nd May 2008

A short walk from Nether Wasdale


Walk Overview
Time 13.50 to 15.40
Duration 1 hr 50 min
Distance 3.4 mile
Ascent 250 ft
Walking with On my own
Nether Wasdale - Mill Place - Scale Bridge - Woodhow Tarn - ( Wast Water Road ) - Cinderdale Bridge - Flass Tarn - Cinderdale Bridge - Nether Wasdale
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Nether Wasdale

This is somewhere that I don't seem to walk from very often, which is a shame because there is some lovely countryside in this area. On the few times I have began walks here I've simply parked the car in the roadside parking area next to the church.


Route Map

Nether Wasdale church is currently closed while storm damage repairs are carried out. A pity as I was hoping to get some pictures of the inside.

The view through to some of the higher fells at the Wast Water end of the valley.

Looking back to Nether Wasdale as I walked down towards the 'triangle' of roads where I then turned onto the track leading to Mill Place.

Approaching Mill Place.

And Mill Place itself. What a gorgeous spot.



Scale Bridge.

The view across to Middle Fell.

And a much longer view down to the head of the valley.

One of the main aims of today's walk was Woodhow Tarn, and although it was quite difficult to get a decent picture of the tarn, it was well worth the walk through some lovely countryside to reach it.

Middle Fell.

Looking across to Buckbarrow.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Notice the small bird on the right hand side of the mirror. It was going crazy, looking at itself moving back and forth in front of the mirror. Then, every now and again it would disappear around the back, only to meet itself on the other side again.

The other aim of the walk was to include Flass Tarn, which was equally as difficult to photograph today as Woodhow Tarn, but just as peaceful.


Almost back in Nether Wasdale now and it was so warm. Probably the most spring like it's been for me so far this season.

The Strands,

and the Screes.

David Hall -
Lake District Walks