29th April 2008

Some you win, some you loose. A short walk up Setmurthy on the way back from somewhere else


Walk Overview
Time 16.00 to 17.00
Duration 1 hr
Distance 3 Mile
Ascent 550 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Near Wyndom School to Watch Hill and back
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, near Cockermouth school

Not quite in the thick of it as far as Lake District walking opportunities go. And while I'm sure there are lots of nice walks to be had in the area, the most realistic option is a walk through the farmland to Setmurthy.


Route Map

We needed to visit Carlisle this afternoon, and as I always do when I'm out and about, I took the walking gear with us, just in case we had time for a walk on the way back. What we decided to do was have a walk up Setmurthy, down to Isel and then back to Cockermouth by the road. That was plan was OK when we set off because the sun was out the sky was blue and there was no sign of rain.


The route up to Setmurthy is basically just a walk through some fields, I'm saying just, but there's nothing at wrong with this walk at all. It's pretty obvious where to go and it makes for an enjoyable walk out.

The view back down to Cockermouth.



It doesn't look too bad really. The Skiddaw fells are a bit dark and even the rain we could see didn't look like enough to bother about. Not yet anyway!

Looking towards the higher fells near Buttermere / Crummock.

Thankfully I had the sense to bring my waterproof jacket with me today. That's it in the Tesco freezer bag by the way. Why would he keep a his waterproof jacket in a plastic bag, I hear you ask. It they're dried out (obviously), folded 'properly' and carefully placed inside one of these bags, the jacket takes up much less room in the rucksack. Since I started packing mine like this, I've also noticed they retain their waterproofing properties for much longer than they do when you just stuff them in the rucksack with everything else. I reckon the constant rubbing against itself and other things must damage the material over time. Some people may disagree, but it seems to work for me.

A close up of Redmain.


And then there was a flash of lightning and before I had time to say "lets turn back" we'd almost jumped out of our skins when the thunder crashed above us. That was enough to make my mind up and the retreat was sounded without any hesitation.

To say it bucketed down would be a bit of an understatement. The Jacket went on, the camera was out of site and we quickly headed back. I don't know what was making me jump the most; the thunder, the lightning or Jennifer's scream after each one.

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