20th April 2008

Grasmere and Silver How


Walk Overview
Time 10.30 to 14.20
Duration 3hr 50 min
Distance 5.7 mile
Ascent 1450 ft
Walking with Jennifer
A591 - Grasmere - Alan Bank - Silver How - Dow Bank (below) - Redbank Wood (edge of) - The Lea - Grasmere - A591
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, A591 outside Grasmere

I've described this spot as roadside parking, but it is actually a rather long lay-by found between Grasmere and the bottom of Dunmail Raise. It is quite a popular spot, so latecomers may arrive to find it full. If this turned out to be the case the best alternative would be to try one of the car parks in Grasmere itself. It all depends on where you're going of course, but the distance this would add onto your walk is not much at all.


Route Map


Heading out of Grasmere towards Alan Bank.
It looks like someone's took a slice off the end of the house in this photo.

Seat Sandal, seen from the road around the side of Allan Bank.

And looking in the same direction from a little further along the road.

Grasmere below Heron Pike, Stone Arthur, Great Rigg and Fairfield


Grasmere and Rydal Water, taken from Silver How summit.

Looking down to Grasmere.

Silver How summit. To the left of the cairn is Helm Crag, which we could see had far more people than us two and the other couple we met at the summit of Silver How.

After leaving the summit we doubled back for a couple of minutes, before turning off to the right and following this steep path down to the edge of the trees seen in this photo. Although this short section of path is very steep, whoever carried out the pitching work got it spot on. Much better than some of the paths where the stones slope downwards, forcing people to 'create' a new path at the side. It's just a pity they didn't continue the repair work down to the bottom of the path.

And looking back up the route.

Time for a (quick) bite to eat at this ruin found below Dow Bank. Despite it being somewhat sheltered, it was still a bit too windy to hang around for too long. I seem to remember this time last year we were having a heat wave.

Leaving the ruin behind, we continued across the ridge where we met a couple who were a little unsure "exactly" where they were along the ridge. They said is looked like a great place to explore, but all the different paths made it a little confusing. I suppose it's easy for me to think like this because I know the place, but my advise was to keep it simple. The fell over there is Loughrigg, as long as you're walking towards that then you're heading in the correct direction and it doesn't actually matter where you are on the ridge or which path you're on. Bearing that in mind, sooner or later you're guaranteed to join the path that runs between Redbank Wood and the road above Elterwater. Then it's a simple case of turning left or right, depending on where you want to end up when you leave the ridge. Hopefully they had a good couple of hours exploring this great little ridge.

Looking back to Silver How (right) and Dow Bank (left).

The ever popular village of Elterwater.



Off the ridge now and walking down the lonning to join up with the Grasmere road.

Back in Grasmere it was a bit busier than it was when we set out, but still much quieter than I expected it to be.

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