5th April 2008

Patterdale, Angletarn Pikes and Hartsop


Walk Overview
Time 08.30 to 14.15
Duration 5 hr 45 min
Distance 8.1 mile
Ascent 2220 ft
Walking with On my own
Patterdale - Rooking - Boredale Hause - Chapel in the hause - Angletarn Pikes - Angle Tarn - Satura Crag - Hayeswater - Hartsop - Beckstones - Rooking - Patterdale
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, opposite Patterdale Hotel

I think I'm correct in saying that the hotel actually owns the car park, so needless to say there is a charge. Thankfully this is a daily charge and if I'm honest it is well worth the cost when you consider the fantastic selection of walk that can be undertaken from this spot.

It does tend to fill up rather quickly though, and not only during the summer months.


Route Map

Looking down to Patterdale from the path up to Boredale Hause.

And Boredale Hause itself, taken after a short detour to see the ruined "Chapel in the Hause".

Brothers Water to the left of Dubhow Crag. The fells on the skyline are Caudale Moor, Hartsop Dodd, Red Screes, Middle Dodd, High Hartsop Dodd, Little Hart Crag, Dove Crag, Hartsop Above How.

And looking in a similar direction, from a little further along the path.

Angletarn Pikes southern top.

Down at Angle Tarn now with a view across to Brock Crags.

Angle Tarn.

This is more like it; a bit of sunshine.

Walking between Angle Tarn and Satura Crag you're treated to a view into the lovely and secluded Bannerdale.


Brock Crags is separated from the main ridge path by a short, and somewhat soggy route past a couple of muddy looking tarns. The fell offers a fine viewpoint, but more often than not, the fell is visited as an out and back detour from a more ambitious walk, rather than for its own sake.
This is the point on Satura Crag where the connecting path joins the main ridge. (from here, go through the gate and turn left)

After passing Satura Crag the path looses its feel of being a "ridge route", and instead, turns into a traverse of Rest Dodd, before eventually joining the path between Hayeswater and The Knott.

A close up of Helvellyn and Catstye Cam.

Hayeswater's outflow.

And again.

Heading down to Hartsop.

Before we reached the village we had a look around the remains of the 19th century Mires Head Lead Mine, , , ,

, , , and also the ruined Hartsop Corn Mill. Both found within a minute or so walk from the main track.

Exactly what a visitor to the Lake District would expect a Lakeland village to look like.

The route between Patterdale and Hartsop (and back) makes for a lovely valley walk. An outing which should go a long way towards pleasing those in search of a more gentle walking experience.

A host of golden Daffodils on the approach to Crookabeck.

Some of the lovely cottages found at Rooking.

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