9th February 2008

Testing a knee around Hallin Fell


Walk Overview
Time 10.15 to 12.20
Duration 2hr
Distance 3.9 mile
Ascent 1210 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Martindale New church - Waternook - Geordie's Crag - Hallinhag Wood - Sandwick - Martindale New church
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Martindale new church

There are plenty of parking spaces next to Martindale's new church and what a fantastic area this is. Found on what I'd call the back side of Ullswater this is as close as you're going to get to unspoilt.

The sheer quantity of walks that can be done from here would rival any other area in the Lake District, it may take a little more imagination and inventiveness than some places, but there really is something to suit everyone.

Parking is free.


Route Map

Ullswater seen beyond the steep zigzag road which runs between Howtown and Martindale.


The route of today's short walk was chosen as a test to see how Jennifer's knee coped with the rough ground. Not too bad as it turned out, but the distance was far enough and I did the quick walk up Hallin Fell on my own.

Standing on Geordie's Crag and looking down Ullswater.

Not exactly the most attractive of names, but this picture was taken as we walked through Hallinhag Wood.

And emerging from the woods into Sandwick Bay with a view across to Gowbarrow Fell.
This photo was taken as I leaned on the sign telling me I was about to enter private land. Back across to the path then I suppose.


One of the cottages at Sandwick; pronounced without the "d" or the "w" (San'ick).

Looking back down the road into the hamlet.

Very inquisitive locals providing the foreground for a picture of Hallin Fell.


Gowbarrow Fell taken from the roadside. The white building on the left of the picture is the old vicarage.

Approaching the bridge over Howegrain Beck.

And looking back to the bridge.

Ullswater and the Eastern fells seen from Hallin Fell.

Now looking in the opposite direction towards the Pooley Bridge end of Ullswater.


As it was such a nice day and we'd only done a short walk, I suggested driving around to Askham and having a walk around the village, rather then heading back home so soon.

Warm sunshine, no traffic, no noise, just peace and quiet; perfect.

Just outside Askham we had a look around The Parish Church of St. Michael, Lowether where some of Jennifer's family are buried.

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