3rd February 2008

A short walk around the head of Borrowdale


Walk Overview
Time 10.20 to 12.20
Duration 2 hr
Distance 4.3 mile
Ascent 710 ft
Walking with On my own
Rosthwaite - New Bridge - Allerdale Ramble - Seatoller - Stonethwaite - Rosthwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Rosthwaite, Borrowdale

There are actually two car parks right next to each other in Rosthwaite. One is the official car park and this is reflected in the pay and display price. The other one is simply a number of parking spaces adjoining Rosthwaite Village Hall which has a honesty box on the wall of the building.
I know which one I'd rather give my money to.


Route Map

Looking across to Castle Crag from Rosthwaite.


As I was leaving Rosthwaite I already had my doubts about actually doing the walk I'd set out on. What I had intended to do was walk up past Rigghead Quarries, onto High Spy and down to Grange via Nitting Haws. The deciding factor was the wind however. Yesterdays snow had all but disappeared, but it was absolutely blowing a gale; even at valley level. I'd go so far as to say it was as windy here today, as it had been at the top of Helvellyn on yesterday's walk.

New Bridge across the River Derwent.

The Rosthwaite area of Borrowdale seen below the sheepfold near Scaleclose Coppice.

Another picture of Castle Crag, this time taken from the broad track marked on the map as the Allerdale Ramble.

The view across to Honister Pass.

And from the same place looking down the path I followed into Seatoller.



Two items of old farm machinery on display outside the information centre at Seatoller.
I'm not sure what this one is, but , , , ,

, , , this one is an old hay rake.

A final picture taken at Seatoller.

Next stop on the walk was Stonethwaite or rather the little collection of buildings just outside Stonethwaite.

Stonethwate church.

Eagle Crag.

Heading along the path between Stonethwaite and Rosthwaite.

Stonethwaite Beck.

Rosthwaite village store.

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