27th January 2008

A short walk up Blake Fell


Walk Overview
Time 10.15 to 12.45
Duration 2hr 30 min
Distance 5.3 mile
Ascent 1590 ft
Walking with On my own
Feldyke - Cogra Moss - Low Pen - High Pen - Blake Fell - Forest Tracks - Cogra Moss - Felldyke
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Felldyke, Lamplugh

Found on the quieter western edge of the Lake District, there never seems to be problem getting parked here. Perhaps this is a result of the limited number of fells that can be reached from here. Having said that, the walks that can be done from here are fantastic.

Parking is free.



Route Map

I still didn't feel like doing too much today, so I decided on a short walk up Blake Fell which is fairly close to home. For one brief moment however, I thought I'd have to change my plans right at the start. When I was leaving the car park at Felldyke I saw a sign telling me that the track leading to Cogra Moss was closed to the public because of tree felling. I guy walking his dog must have seen the look on my face and he told me it was only the short section of track near the gate which was affected and even that wasn't too bad. "besides, there's no workmen there at weekends, so it'll be OK".

So far they've only felled the trees on the Felldyke side of Knock Murton. It is nice to see the back of these awful, regimented rows of pines trees and it does open up the fellside, but I hope they at least plant some native trees in their place.

Following the track beside Cogra Moss. The highest point on the skyline is Blake Fell.

And looking back towards the dam end of the tarn (reservoir).

Cogra Moss, seen here from the narrow path I followed from the side of the tarn up to the higher forestry track where I could then start the walk onto Low Pen, High Pen and Blake Fell.

The Grasmoor fells just and so touched by the cloud base.
This is the most sensible place to leave this ridge if you intend to do a walk which includes both Blake Fell and Gavel Fell. Blake Fell is only a short walk up hill to the right of this picture and Gavel Fell isn't actually much further in distance ( a bit wetter under foot though ) if you follow the fence running out of the picture on the left hand side.

Trying not to get blown over as I look down to Knock Murton and Cogra Moss.

Another picture of Grasmoor, Whiteside and Hopegill Head. This one was taken from the fence found a little way below Blake Fell summit.

Following the forestry track below Sharp Knott.

It's been a few years now since the large area in the front of this picture was felled and I suppose I have to admit it is starting to blend in a little better now. You can just see the area currently being felled at the right hand end of the trees on the far side of the tarn.

Mud, mud glorious mud, there's nothing quite like it for cooling the blood. Or so the song goes.


Cogra Moss's impressive looking outflow.

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