5th January 2008

A low level walk from Elterwater - Little Langdale and Great Langdale valleys


Walk Overview
Time 9.45 to 14.30
Duration 4 hr 45 min
Distance 9.3 mile
Ascent 1570 ft
Walking with On my own
Elterwater - Dale End - Slater Bridge - Fell Foot Bridge - Blea Tarn - Old Dungeon Gill - New Dungeon Gill - Chapel Stile - Elterwater
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Elterwater

Elterwater is a lovely little village which attracts hords of people throughout the whole year, so if you don't get here a decent time, the chances are that you'll find this car park full.


Route Map

It bucketed down on the drive through this morning, so we didn't really expect to end up walking far at all. When we set off from Elterwater I thought we'd be lucky to make it as far as Slater Bridge before turning back. As it turned out the rain only lasted about 15 minutes and we went on to enjoy a dry walk through two of Lakeland's loveliest valleys.

From Elterwater we headed over into Little Langdale by following this track behind Elterwater Hall.

Little Langdale Tarn.
The wind was howling as we walked across the fields between the valley road and Slater Bridge. I dread to think what it was like up on the high fells, they just didn't look inviting at all today.

A very full looking River Brathay flowing under Slater Bridge.

One of the cottages near Low Hall Garth (climbing hut).

Another picture of Little Langdale Tarn, this one showing Lingmoor Fell behind the tarn.

As you near the Wrynose Pass end of Little Langdale valley the Langdale Pikes begin to show themselves from behind Lingmoor Fell. And even on a day like this, when they're looking a little dull and grey, this fine set of fells cannot help but dominate the scene.

Walking along the Blea Tarn road in sunshine, which we really didn't expect to get today.

One of the classic Lakeland views - Blea Tarn and the Langdale Pikes.

Near enough to being at the highest point on the road between Little and Great Langdale valleys and looking down to The Band, Bow Fell, (left) Rossett Pike, Mickleden (centre) and Pike O'Stickle on the right of the picture.

For the second half of today's walk we left Little Langdale behind and headed over to Great Langdale. There is actually a path (out of picture on the right) that takes you down to the road near the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. I prefer the walk down the road though, particularly at this time of year when the road is almost free of traffic.

Middle Fell Farm, found next to the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel.

Great Langdale.

One of the waterfalls in Dungeon Ghyll. The more impressive waterfalls are actually found a little further up stream.

New Dungeon Ghyll.

Looking back through Great Langdale from the end of the track we'd followed from New Dungeon Ghyll.

"I'm not bothered if my heads stuck or not. As long as they keep putting food in front of me, I'm happy to stay here".

The view back through Great Langdale. Notice the two people who were practicing their climbing on the big rock.

Walking into the lovely village of Chapel Stile.

A short walk along the valley from Chapel stile is the equally attractive village of Elterwater.

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