Holme Fell

Grid Ref NY 315 006
Height 1,040 ft

Holme Fell might not be the loftiest of fells, but what it lacks in height, it more than makes up for in other attributes. The fell itself is littered with steep rocky outcrops and to an certain extent, the area is easy enough to explore off the beaten track. On the eastern side of the fell is Yew Tree Tarn; man made but nonetheless attractive. North of the summit are a few nice little tarns which are quite lovely in the right conditions. The biggest attraction around here however, apart from the fell itself, has to be Hodge Close Quarry. If you're interested in old quarries or if it's a big hole in the ground you're after then this the one for you. Not only can you view the partially flooded quarry from above, you can easily walk down into the quarry itself and view it from the waters edge.

Not only can Holme Fell be enjoyed by itself on a short walk, it can, and often is included on a walk with the nearby Black Crag and Tarn Hows; another man made tarn and in this case one of the Lake Districts most popular beauty spots.

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Route suggestions

Route suggestion: Hodge Close - Holmfell Tarns - Holme Fell
0.8 mile / approx 500 ft ascent
To state the obvious, this is a very short walk from a car park to the summit of a fell, but still a very nice walk; particularly the area around the tarns.

Make sure you don't miss the turn off from the initial track you follow through the woods.


Route suggestion: Glen Mary Bridge - Yew Tree Farm - Harry Guard Wood - Uskdale Gap - Holme Fell
1.1 mile / approx 700 ft ascent
Another short, but very enjoyable route. This one takes you right past Yew Tree Farm which was one of the Lake District properties owned by Beatrix Potter. Until you reach the area above Uskdale Gap the views are somewhat limited along here and the upper section through Harry Guards Wood is very rough under foot.

Uskdale Gap is a great little place which could almost be described as a Lakeland mountain pass on a miniature scale.

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12th June 2016
  4 easy fells = 1 tough walk - Loughrigg Fell to Lingmoor Fell 15.8 mile about 4800 ft
Walthwaite Bottom - High Close - Loughrigg Terrace - Loughrigg Fell - Loughrigg Tarn - Skelwith Bridge - Park House - Park - Farm - A593 - side of Park Fell - Black Crag - Iron Keld - Tarn Hows - Tom Gill Waterfalls - Yew Tree Farm - Harry Guards Wood - Uskdale Gap - Holme Fell - Holme Ground Tarn(s) - Hodge Close - Stang End - Little Langdale - Dale End - Lingmoor Fell - Burlington Quarry - Elterwater - Walthwaite Bottom

24th February 2013
  Holme Fell and Black Crag 7.1 mile 2000 ft
Yew Tree Tarn - Glen Mary Bridge – Yewtree Farm – Uskdale Gap – Holme Fell – Holme Ground Tarns – Hodge Close – High Oxen Fell – Low Oxen Fell – Low Arnside – Black Crag – Iron Keld Plantation – Tarn Hows – Tom Gill Waterfall – Yew Tree Tarn

8th January 2011
  Holme Fell, Black Crag and Tarn Hows 6.9 mile 1800 ft
Yew Tree Farm - Harry Guards Woods - Uskdale Gap - Holme Fell - Holme Ground Tarn - Hodge Close - High Oxen Fell - hollin Bank - Black Crag - Iron Keld - Tarn Hows - Tom Gill - Glen Mary Bridge

19th July 2009
  14 go walking on Black Crag and Holme Fell 6.7 mile 1800 ft
Glen Mary Bridge - Tom gill Waterfall - Tarn Hows - Black Crag - Low Arnside - Low Oxen Fell - High Oxen Fell - Hodge Close - Holme Ground Tarn - Holme Fell - Uskdale Gap - Yow Tree Farm - Glen Mary Bridge

21st September 2008
  Not just Holme Fell but here, there and everywhere 8.7 mile 2050 ft
Tom Gill Car Park - Yew Tree Tarn - Uskdale Gap - Holme Fell - Holme Ground Tarn - Hodge Close - Stang End - Tongue Intake Plantation - High Arneside Tarn - track to Knipe Fold - Hawkshead Hill - Wharton Tarn - Tarn Hows - Tom Gill Car Park

15th July 2006
  A long walk from Elterwater through some lovely countyside and three smaller fells 15.2 mile 4203 ft
Elterwater - Colwith - Black Crag - Tarn Hows - Yew Tree Farm - Holme Fell - Hodge Close - Little Langdale - Blea Tarn - Lingmoor Fell - Elterwater

3rd December 2005
  A classic beauty spot, two lower fells, a quarry and a waterfall. 6.5 mile 2014 ft
Tarn Hows - Iron Keld Plantation - Black Crag - Hodge Close - Holme Fell - Yew Tree Farm - Tarn Hows

9th October 2004
  A classic Lake District beauty spot, two lower fells and a quarry 7.6 mile 2172 ft
Tarn Hows - Black Fell - Hodge Close - Holme Fell

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